Insurance Consulting

As an independent insurance advisor, I will discuss your needs with you. You will then receive between two and three offers.

Needs analysis

A quick and thorough analysis of your needs.


You receive concise and precise offers.


After signature and risk analysis, the coverage starts.


Certified Consultant

My name is Joachim Mérillat and I am an independent insurance consultant.

I realize that many people can have a negative image of this job. 

I take pride in providing the best work and will satisfy your needs.


Premium service

A variety of services for a variety of clients

Everyone has different needs. An independent analysis is required for everyone.

By phone and e-mail

If an appointment is imperative, we will gladly have one.

Straight to the point

No pointless discussion or forced sale. Just your needs.

Satisfied customers

Very serious follow-up of the file, as long as needed.

Clear, neat and precise

Clear, neat and precise process. No fuss.

Testimonials and customer feedback

A very attentive and professional service.
Satisfied client
An extremely competent and honest person who managed the entire process with exemplary empathy and professionalism. Always available to answer the many questions in an almost imminent timeframe. I recommend her 100%!
Satisfied client
Mr. Mérillat is a highly honest advisor. I highly recommend him. Thank you for everything!
Satisfied client

These testimonials come from Google Reviews, which you can find clicking here.

Contact me

Get in touch and let's see your needs together